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Chemical Reagents

We are offering high grade Chemical Reagents. These are majorly used to cause a chemical reaction in a system. They are available either in solid or liquid form. The offerings are of high standard quality as formulated with superior quality ingredients under the supervision of experts. They also goes through various quality checks to ensure defect free range. Our Chemical Reagents are marked with high purity thus ensures reliability of physical testing, chemical reactions and chemical analysis. These are

well prepared and protected compliant with the industry safety norms and standards.

Key Features:

  • Longer shelf life with excellent packaging
  • Accurate compositions and effective
  • Manufactured with utmost precision
  • High chemical properties
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Polyacrylamide Powder

Polyacrylamide is a type of polymer which is made from acrylamide subunits. It has a variety of uses such as it is used in Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis in different hospitals and labs, water treatment process and paper, making. It is highly water absorbent which forms a soft gel when hydrated. This compound can also be used as a soil conditioner to increase soil aeration, porosity, and tilth. It was also used in the synthesis of first Boger fluid.

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Heavy Oil Viscosity Reducer

Heavy Oil Viscosity Reducer is designed to decrease the viscosity of heavy oil extracted from different areas and techniques. It works on bi-phasic polymer technology which reduces the viscosity of heavy oil by creating a unique water external dispersion. This is a cost effective technique as compared to the use of heat or steam which is energy intensive and costly as well. It is an easy, safe and an effective way of reducing viscosity.

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Fracturing Fluid

Fracturing Fluid is used to expand the productive surface area of the reservoir in comparison with its normal form. This fluid is pumped into the well to create fractures and near wellbore damage in hydrocarbon-bearing zones. They are available in different categories including viscosified water based, viscosified non-water based, oil based, acid based and foam fluids. The fluids are specific to the rock formation type and structures. Hydrochloric acid is the largest using compound in various fluids.

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Viscosity Reducing Agent For Drilling Fluids

Viscosity Reducing Agent For Drilling Fluids is generally used to reduce the fluid viscosity used for drilling purpose. These fluids are often called as drilling mud. Generally, pyruvic acid and its salts are used in small concentration as viscosity reducing agents. The best thing about this agent is that it does not affect the properties of the drilling fluid, and enables it to be maintained at the desired viscosity so that it provides proper hydrostatic pressure.