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Control Panel Boards

We are well known all over the world for manufacturing Control Panel boards. These are flat boards where control or monitoring instruments are enclosed and accessed by the user for controlling. They are widely used by factories to monitor machines or places related to nuclear power plants, ships, aircraft and computers, etc. The cables used in our Control Panel boards are power cables and control cables to control and monitor accurately. These are manufactured with quality components such as cables, MCCB, selector switch, over load relay, timer, contactor and so on.

Key Features:

  • They have longer working life
  • Rugged in construction and ergonomically designed
  • Resistant against wear and tear
  • Excellent and reliable outputs
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Intelligent Electric Control System

Intelligent Electric Control System generally comprised of a control unit, an acquisition unit, driven unit, and a communication unit which controls various digitalized devices. It is an overlay of information oriented software and services over the existing system. This is a system of intelligent devices which monitor all the aspects of the power system by putting sensory devices on key assets. It creates an electrically connected network from the transmission station to the various metering points.

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Wellhead Distribution Cabinet

Wellhead Distribution Cabinet is also known as emergency shutdown systems or safety shutdown systems. They are designed and manufactured for all production fields. This cabinet can also be installed with the Programmable Logic Controllers for their advanced functioning. They create an interface between the plant control and wellhead systems. It has a user friendly operation and maintenance. They shutdown the working systems in case of emergency or fire. It has been installed with various safety valves to ensure safe operation of unattended platforms.