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Drill Bits

Our Drill Bits are cutting tools to create holes. Most of the bits are circular in shape. These are available in various sizes and shapes as per the specifications of the clients. They are majorly based on the method of rotation and are attached to drill for cutting. These are made up of high quality materials thus have longer service life. Our Drill bits are robust in construction and withstand various conditions in the industries. These are known for drilling fast, accurate and clean holes.

Key Features:

  • Rate of chip removal is controlled by its spiral
  • Length of the bits are acquirable as per the need
  • Available in different lip angles
  • Used for both softer as well as harder materials

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Diamond Core Drill Bits

We deal in Diamond Core Drill Bits, which are specifically employed for drilling openings for water pipe, gas nozzle, air-conditioned on the walls as well as floor. These are employed for drilling wide ambit of hard to soft surfaces. The drills are water cooled products suitable for fast as well as smooth cutting in all grades of porcelain, stone, granite, marble, ceramic tile, slate and glass. 

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PDC Drill Bit

Offered PDC Drill Bits (Polycrystalline Diamond Materials) are one of the most crucial material advances, employed for oil drilling implements in recent years. The popularity of these bits has grown steadily, and they are nearly as ordinary as roller-cone bits in several drilling applications. The products are designed to proffer premium performance as well as excellent durability in a vast orbit of difficult drilling applications.

Product Image (FL Series)

Tricone Bits

Offered Tricone Rock Drill Bits are appropriate for down-hole motor as well as high speed applications. These work as the ideal options for drilling horizontal as well as directional wells. Provisioned with gauges and bearing structures, these insure protection with gauge trimmers on the gauge inserts and heel. These abrasion & seizure resistance products are suitable for high rotary speed.

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Diamond Compact Drill Bit

Diamond Compact Drill Bit is much stronger as compared to steel. This drill bit is a perfect choice while drilling expensive or very deep wells or drilling in soft or less hard formations. They can be constructed using steel bodies or matrix bodies. It possesses increased toughness and wears resistance properties. They consist of cutters which are made of the polycrystalline diamond layer coated with tungsten carbide substrate. Two wing drill can be used for fast wet drilling with center flushing.