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Drill Pipe

Our Drill Pipes are recognized nationally and globally. These are tubes fitted with tool joints used on drill string to pump fluid and transmit torque to the bit. They are one of the most important component in oil and gas exploration. Our offerings are made from welding of three pieces that are pin tool joint, the tube and box tool joint, that makes it more sturdy. These Drill Pipes withstand with high load, stress and heat during the time of he operations. These pipes are manufactured with high quality steel thus are rust proof and durable.

Key features:

  • Longer tool joints for longer service life
  • Rugged construction for extreme drilling conditions
  • Better fatigue resistance due to over sized MIU
  • Efficient performance and user friendly
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Stainless Steel Drill Pipe

Stainless Steel Drill Pipe is manufactured using premium quality of steel or aluminum alloy. It is designed having a thin metal wall with a hollow structure. This pipe is used to drill rigs whereas the hollow space allows the drilling fluid to be pumped down. It is available in different sizes, strengths and diameter configurations required according to the wide range of customers. It is manufactured by welding three separate pieces those are box tool joint, pin tool joint and the tube.

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Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe has higher tensile strengths as compared to the conventional drill pipe. It is commonly used in the vertical section of the hole and also provides weight for directional drilling. This pipe can also be abbreviated as HWDP and may be used to provide flexible transitions between drill collar and drill pipe. It has a “center upset” which is also known as wear pad which increases the tube life. Walls of this pipe are thicker than that of the conventional pipe.