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Pumping Unit

We are offering a wide array of Pumping Units. These are used to lift liquid from underground surface with bottom hole pressure. The major applications of the units are at on shore wells, oil refineries, etc. These automated machines are manufactured with high grade components under the guidance of dextrous professionals. Our Pumping Units are examined with various quality parameters before shipment. These are demanded by various industries for their features such as simple installation, user friendly operations, longer service life, adjustable length and speed, etc.

Key Attributes:

  • These can be used in diverse pressure conditions
  • Used for pumping lubricants and other fluids
  • Power efficient and smooth running
  • Capable of withstanding diverse industrial conditions
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F Series Mud Pump

We provide F Series Mud Pumps, the displacement of which is proportional to the velocity, by shifting motor or mechanism. Capable to adjust the displacement, these are proffered with high self-absorption ability and can intake the fluid directly without bottom valve. The two parameters upon which the performance of these pumps are analyzed are displacement and pressure. 

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3Nb Series Mud Pump

Provided 3Nb Series Mud Pumps are the reciprocating piston/plunger devices, specially made to circulate drilling liquid under high pressure. These large reciprocating pumps are employed to circulate the mud on the drilling rigs. The structures, maintenance and dis-assembly of these pumps are extremely simple. having small vibration and low noise, the products are capable to provide high concentration as well as high viscosity.

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Across Bridge Pump

Offered Across Bridge Pumps have plunger surfaces, which have been processed with spray metal coating so as to achieve optimal wear resistance as well as anti-corrosion property. Proffered with increased pump efficiency and long work-over, provided pumps are available with optimum intensity & rigidity, wear-resistance and anti-corrosion properties. The pumps can be operated in all environmental conditions.

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Beam Pumping Units

Pumping Unit is designed to mechanically lift a liquid out of the well. This unit is common in oil rich areas to bring oil out from deep well. They are available as electrical units and hydraulic units for ease of operation. The electrical unit works on 230 volts AC or 440 volts AC according to the capacity of the unit. It comprised of a plunger, pressure gauge, on/off switches, indicator lamps and a lever to control the rate of loading.

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Tubing Pump

Tubing Pump is used to extract fluid such as water deep down from the earth. This pump is known heavy duty, and high volume pump due to its tubing size which gives maximum production. It has a large plunger diameter which facilitates more fluid load. They are comprised of seat retainer, flow adapter, a plunger and connector, bushing and a barrel. The barrel of the pump is manufactured using hardened brass, steel chrome, and some other metal alloys.

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Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump

Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump is a part of the beam pumping system. This pump is comprised of a barrel tube, plunger, traveling valve, standing valve and a seating assembly in a cylindrical tube. The tube has two sections, one is stationary and other section travels with the sucker rod string. They are available in different types and are suitable for deep wells, and low liquid level conditions. This pump is precisely designed by skilled engineers.

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Adjustable Diameter Variable Distance Pumping Unit

Adjustable Diameter Variable Distance Pumping Unit is a type of variable capacity fluid pump which automatically adjusts itself according to the driving speed or the output requirements. As the delivery pressure increase, the volume of the pumps output will decrease. This type of pumping unit is not required to operate against any back pressure during zero output requirements. It has been manufactured using premium quality alloy metal to ensure its great performance.

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Lower Eccentric Barbell Pumping Unit

Lower Eccentric Barbell Pumping Unit has a rugged structure, with low cost, easy maintenance, and long lasting operational life. It can improve the fluid production rate and pump efficiency. This is the advanced energy saving pumping unit which is best for the effective exploitation of stripper wells. It is reliable, safe, compact and easy to operate with a variable torque range. They are mounted with a support plate on the lower part of the rear beam and on the tail end of the beam.