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Special Transportation Truck

We deal in Special Transportation Trucks, which are the motor vehicles made to transport cargo. Proffered with assorted power, sizes and configuration, these are mechanically kindred to other automobiles. Functional as the commercial trucks, these large and powerful conveyors can be made to rise the specialized equipments. Inexpensive than other transportation-modes, regardless of distance, these can be faster on short hauls and can render frequent service. These highly flexible products can be used on all roads and streets. The freight can be loaded and unloaded in a quick manner. Offered Special Transportation Trucks are accessible with assortment of additional capabilities.

Key Points :

  • Reliable fleets to insure all your cargoes arrived safely and timely.
  • Suitable operation in several places with varied loads.
  • Proffered with compact construction and high-performance capabilities.
  • Withstand the stress and environmental impacts.
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motorcycle tire

Price: 13.6 USD ($)


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Washing Well Truck

Price: 13.6 USD ($)

Provided Washing Well Trucks are the excellent supports, incorporated with suction, discharge piping system, combustion system, car boiler, pneumatic system, bed-plate etc. The trucks are employed for thawing or heating ground pipelines, high pressure testing & flushing, oil well heat wash well production etc. The trucks are precisely made as well as assembled in compliance with predefined industry norms.

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Fracturing Truck

Price: 13.6 USD ($)

Fracturing Trucks are suitable for deep, shallow and medium well fracturing operations in oil and gas fields. These are mainly made of deck engine, chassis, high & low pressure manifolds, hydro-mechanical transmission, triplex plunger pump, and hydraulic/air control system. The products are also suitable for pumping operations for different fluids and are provided with network control technologies, remote control box and double overpressure protection devices.